Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas 2005

was awesome!

this picture was taken right after:
-playing a hearty round of mad libs
-admiring clark griswald's exterior illumination
-singing "silent night" at benny's
-eating a delicious Christmas ham

this picture was taken right before:
-roger got savagely attacked
-fernando discovered his love of sled-boarding
-jon told us a certain unmentionable story (what? you haven't heard it yet???) just kidding jon. there is no story, for the record. none at all.

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Hello! This is a fantastic little blog you've created here! Much love, much love! I love you, wifey! So much, wifey!

monsita said...

Happy New Year Jenny!!!

kelly said...

isn't this fun!?!

monsita said...

kelly! where are you?

mark said...


mark and monsita! said...