Thursday, January 26, 2006

the swamp!

matt and i went to the swamp last weekend, satisfying (for the moment) his desire to see a gator. it turns out they're hosting some sort of valentine's day celebration at the swamp in a few weeks! there's going to be live music, and free canoe rides! so we're excited to go. we want so bad to buy a kayak now! we saw people last weekend kayaking in the ocean - they went right up over the waves and everything. it was so aewsome. anyway, we figure, what could be better than paddling around the everglades and the ocean? (provided we don't get eaten?) :-)


mark and monsita! said...

that looks so awesome! What kind of trees are those? We must go there next time.

mr. goodman said...


I believe those are ash trees, but don'[t quote me on that. We will go there next time you come. If you'd like, we'll canoe! OK!


mark and monsita! said...

I'm afraid of gators you know!!! Maybe I'll just stay off the water.

grubedoo said...

There seems to be a giant turd floating in the water behind Jenny. Someone should clean that swamp up.