Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i miss them

so much

so much

so much

so much.


Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Hi Matt and Jenny! We haven't checked the blog in a while and we've really been missing out. Jellyfish, giraffes and kissing monkeys. Definitely won't wait so long next time!

Love you both and I'm sure you'll see more pictures cause Jon and Betsy will be here in a couple of weeks!

Mr. McFall said...

I hope that hurt always remains inside of you. It proves that you care. Someday you will gain lots of strength from it.

The Goodfellas said...

it's crazy, because i think i wrote that just yesterday. coming home from my new school my heart just hurt so bad; i had this stupid feeling like i didn't even want to get to know my new students 'cause they're not "mine." mine are one the second floor, end of the hall, at bethune.

and then, last night, matt and i talked for a long time and i realized something. i dont think getting fired was outside of God's plan; i don't think bethune was a mistake, either. i think everything happened just how he wanted it to, because i learned SO MUCH there. i learned how to take insults and not let it hurt. i learned how to love and how to forgive and how to show grace. i learned to rely on God for feelings of worth, and for my dignity. i learned how much matt loves me.

in devotions yesterday, the principal shared a message about moses. she said that if he had not encountered pharoah's hardened heart and scorn, he never would've been ready for the biggest obstacle: parting the red sea. it was part of his spiritual journey to learn that it's not about him or his abilities, but about God and what He wants to do.

and i am just so relieved to finally feel like it's not about me.

The Goodfellas said...

oh yeah! and on my way to work this morning, i heard my song!

we live/ we love/ we
forgive/ and never give up
because the days we are given
are gifts from above
and today we remember
to live and to love

it seemed to come on every morning on our drive to bethune. i sang it in my head all day, all day. i made myself think it before i would respond to my kids. kept me from losing it. ;-) what a gift to hear it this morning, after so long.

ps. bart and jennifer, nice to see you again! :-)

mark and monsita! said...

Jenny I'm glad you are enjoying the gifts that God is always giving you (knowing several kids, new schools, new co-workers, new way home. etc. etc.) savor every moment and enjoy your beautiful life along with Matt!!

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to let you know that I think you're on the right track! I know that what happened was unfair and unjust but it's one of those God using everything for good things. Bart and I went through a similar situation with his job in Kansas City and it hurt so much!

BUT...We came through so much stronger and we so clearly saw God's hand at work in our lives. And we ended up in a much better situation that was truly a miracle.

I think we really needed to go through that, as painful as it was. I'd never want to go through it again, but I'm glad that it's part of our past.

The last year and a half have been a huge challenge and we've really relied on what we learned during that time. So it really was for a purpose.

So keep up the good thoughts and the faith because you're doing great. Must go and get juice and snacks for the baby T-Rexes, they're getting restless.

Love you!


kelly said...

i'm so proud of you!! i think what you said was right on. i never thought of bethune as a failure or a mistake for you. you were right in the right place. i love you!

The Goodfellas said...

thanks for the note. i think it's so great to finally be aware of how God uses everything for good - it helps you notice it more, you know? and it makes everything a whole lot less scary. so thanks.

The Goodfellas said...

domo origato!

mamita y papito,
gracias por toda la ayuda que me dieron durante ese tiempo tan dificil. su amor me resucito muchas noches! :-)

mark and monsita! said...

De nada mi chiquita, tu sabes que siempre estaremos aqui para ayudarte en todo momento.

chrissy said...

hey jenny! just dropping by to say that i am SO proud of you. it's amazing to see how you can let yourself feel the hurt but look for the lesson all at the same time.

The Goodfellas said...