Sunday, February 12, 2006

in honor of political figures who don't come off as creepy

it is almost laughable how sinister cheney comes off. and now he had to go and shoot someone!

for someone who likes bush, but does not at all like what this administration has done, cheney makes a very good scapegoat. i have often wondered why they keep him around - maybe that's why? maybe they set up the whole "go f*** yourself" comment?


Anonymous said...

Who's the guy on the right?

The Goodfellas said...

gorbachev - the end of the cold war. :-)

The Goodfellas said...

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TUX said...

I had to post this for Jet in honor of Rodan.


TUX said...

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mr. goodman said...

That's so funny!!!

The Goodfellas said...

i just read this:

"I said, `Harry, I had no idea you were there.' He didn't respond," Cheney said.

anyway, i feel bad for the guy, i really do. sometimes people come off more as caricatures of themselves than as real people, you know? it must've been really awful to accidentally shoot a friend, and so i apologize.

although i still do like the rodan picture. let me not overmake my point. ;-)

The Goodfellas said...

OKAY: i didn't really want to write much about politics/ current events or anything because i guess i'm no longer all that confident that i know where i stand, and i get tired of putting my foot in my mouth. or rather, i just don't like talking when i don't know enough. (is there ever enough though, i wonder?) SO: i just want to say THAT

1. what makes me sick about these last few years is the justification of torture. not long ago, i wasn't even all that appalled. i figured that's just what's done, has always been done. i was actually more surprised when the abu ghraib story broke by the outrage. not that i wasn't disgusted, or saddened, but i guess i just had this feeling that that kind of stuff took place behind closed doors. and for that moment, when the whole world was so was just so awesome. this world-wide conscience that i didn't really know was there. a definitive black and white. yes, other countries do that, but the US doesn't. it was beautiful.

but short-lived, obviously, given that the US had done it. and, in a sense, stood by it. sent off lynndie england & co. to trial, calling it a fluke. they weren't "licensed" to do it. it wasn't the action, it was the wrong person. and now as this junk continues to surface - waterboarding, deprivations, attack dogs - it gives you more the impression that they're...what's the word? indulging us? giving us things to mull over? pacifying us? appeasing us?

i guess i don't buy it. and the secretiveness in our government that i took for granted before as just "necessary" or at the very least as "what you get" i know see as scary. menacing, something boiling.

2. i always took for granted also that the purpose of laws was to maintain our national conscience, to tell us right from wrong, to keep us heading in the right direction. i wanted what was Right called Right in the lawbooks, Wrong called Wrong. and now i don't know.

i read this book about the revolution in Iran. at one time, wearing the veil was considered sacred, in a sense. this modesty was a sign of obedience to God. and suddenly, it was not a choice, but a mandate. women were murdered for having too long of fingernails, for a stray lock of hair. and that which had been sacred was stripped of its value; worse, was turned into a symbol of repression.

and i guess i worry about that happening in the states. i love this country so much. SO much. and everyone moves and speaks with such fervor, and so earnestly, that i think our own voices drown out the quiet we need to really stop and think.

the past few years has been nothing but momentum.

Hobowithbricks said...

well well well...your blog has taken off. I was so inspired by your blog, that I made my own.

anyway, maybe Cheney is a Scapegoat. Maybe he is actually behind everything in the White House and Bush is just the "Pretty Boy" they use to get there message accross. It makes sense...I mean who would you believe, snickering Cheney or good ol Texas boy Bush. I currently find it hard to believe either one of them. and to be honest, if Cheney is behind everything, then I dislike Bush even more. Why? because he lets it happen. He's the President, the final word so to speak.

as for the torture part of this comment. I agree. What an absolutely shocking and horrible thing to happen. I'm glad the whole world was outraged. However, I'm also a little concerned by the lack of action. Slap the soldiers on the wrist and move on. Its troubling.

Which, kind of leads me into spying. Bush litterally broke the law. plain as day. However, its excused because he was preventing terrorist attacks? HOW? Point 1, he was given information pre-9/11 about the attack on the WTC and nothing was done. So, how does spying prevent terrorism? He had information before and did nothing. Point 2, he could have done the spying with congretional approval. Warrants to wire tap have rarely been denied.

well, I think I've rambled enough. I hope I dont come off sounding to forward or pushy or arrogant. Cause I really am not.

ps your right, I'm not done with politics...not even close

The Goodfellas said...

about cheney as a scapegoat... i was kidding!!! but MAN oh man if that was true... wow. now you've always been a bit more of a conspiracy-theorist than i (given that i'm not) but i must say, that's the first one i've heard that would actually be scary. 'cause what i like about bush is that he comes across as well-intentioned. not always someone who makes the right decisions, but someone who tries to.

which brings me to the illegal wire-tapping (which i really haven't followed, let me just say up-front!) when i said that these last few years have been pure momentum, i mean that we have been so reactionary. 9/11 was so horrifying. to see so plainly how much we are hated, and to see how vulnerable we are, was a huge dose of smelling salts.

we always felt that time was on our side. we never considered being pre-emptive. it's new times. i think we excused a lot in the name of safety. in retrospect, it's easy to see the wrong in that. at the time, it seemed obvious to value lives over ideals.

in comparison with japanese internment camps, i think this is nothing. however, i also don't think comparison is a good measure of morality.