Saturday, March 04, 2006

everything is inverted--by jonathan safran foer

Things that are backwards in Florida:
  1. FOOD: You can purchase turkey tail, cows feet, burnt cows feet (more expensive than regular!), goat testicles, ox tails, and something called "beef pizzle." Oh no. And don't forget the enormous jars of pickled hot sausage links.
  2. HAIR: many of the boys stick their hair out and up all over, with sideburns like a single blade of grass curving gently down their faces, and they shave their widows peaks for a straight and clean hairline, although generally not often enough. The other generally accepted hairstyle for a young man (particularly if he has curly hair) is to grow it all out fairly long, then tie it back about three quarters of the way up the head, so that it pulls back into an enormous puff on top of their heads. Norman Hubbard, it would seem, has incredible foresight into the world of style.
  3. CARS: Some men are so crazy about their trucks that they get pictures of their trucks painted right on the back of the truck! We've got a pitcture of that one somewhere.
  4. WINTER ACTIVITIES: They make snow angels out of sand. Oh, wait, that's just my Mapache.



Mark said...

Can inverted things be revirted? Can't wait to try some of your goodies, and maybe I can get a hair cut while I'm at it!

mark and monsita! said...

nice angel!!look out for the one on the snow later!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jonathan Safran Foer?

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Pictures of trucks right on the back of trucks! Amazing and mind-boggling! Perhaps we can get this trend to catch on in So. Cal. and Bart can paint trucks on trucks for his weekend job. Thanks for the great idea - I think I'll ask him to paint a picture of my van on my van right now!

The Goodfellas said...

a van painted on a van - it can't get hipper than that! you can be so ahead of the times! :-D if bart's looking for a 2nd job though maybe he should look into the beef pizzle industry?

oh yeah - jonathan safran foer is the author of "everything is illuminated" (a VERY awesome book, aside from the lewdness which is a bit pervasive. but i will say it is one of the funniest and saddest and most eloquent books i've ever read.)

The Goodfellas said...

ps. should i book you an appointment at phat fades? :-)

ningyo said...

I would like to see these florida boys hairstyles.

Boys in Japan are very very fashion concious. Last year it was expensive gangster-style pinstripe suits in electric pink and purple.

And there's always the animemullets--ahem hairstyles.

The Goodfellas said...

oh here's another one! they play dodgeball with BASKETBALLS!

ps. did ryan get one of those suits? it seems like he would dig it. :-)

The Goodfellas said...

oh yeah, and i must add CLOTHES: they wear these SUPER-long tee-shirts that are regular width but extend well past the knees! and a bunch of my 2nd graders even had gold-capped teeth! we are so behind in wisconsin. :-)

ningyo said...

Mapache said:"...they play dodgeball with BASKETBALLS!"

Ouch!? Craziness--are the kids who love dodgeball really bruised up all the time?

I want a super-long skinny t-shirt dress thing! Any pictures of, or sites that have picutres of that stuff? Crazy how different things can be from state to state.

Ryan didn't get one of those suits, his shoulders are too mighty for most of the clothes here^_^

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Mapache - Wisconsin is the standard, your father-in-law started the long, skinny t-shirt trend! No joke! I have pictures of him in a long, skinny tank style undershirt that extends well past his knees, taken about ten years ago. I believe he also has a bow on his head. The shirt was a gift from Grandma H. You should ask him if he still has it.

The Goodfellas said...

that jon goodman! never know with him!!! :-D

ps. laurie, i could get you a long t-shirt if you really want! they are not truly "skinny" just regular width considering their length. oh yeah and i wish i had a picture to show you of the hair and etc. but i unfortunately know no one in this state, so it would have to be of a stranger! WHICH, if i were to take a picture of a stranger, would have to be the pirate guy from the post-office. i've run into him a few times and he looks like someone from moby dick! he has intricate patterns tattooed all over his FACE, and he has a HUGE gauged nosering, or rather, several, and he wears this gold-mesh thing covered in gold coins on his head! oh AND he has a long beard with coins and gold thread woven in it, and super-long dreds, and his clothes are all ripped up revealing lots of other tattoos. wish it wouldn't be weird to "strike up a conversation." :-) oh and what's crazy is no one even STARES at him! i almost felt like i was seeing things, people were taking it so normal! another odd thing about americans, they never even blink!!! :-D

ningyo said...

that's ok, I don't need a t-shirt, though I'm interestied in the John Goodman pic. now ^_^

Ryan takes pictures of strangers all the time! He's crazy about it! The boy isn't afraid of anything...people wise.

Yup, that truly is an American thing to do isn't it? Not staring/looking I mean. In Japan, outside Tokyo and Kyoto, people stare very very directly. Some students said "Oh, don't you like it people stare?" and were quite surprised at my firm "No." Apparently it's a compliment here...maybe.