Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Go west, young man!

First, a poem:
i just found this poem - it was written by one of my 5th graders from bethune. i think it's awesome.

Sounds like a howl
Smells like feet
Tastes like spit
Feels like hate

Second and Last, a little synposis: i pre-emptively lost my 5th grade job teaching at WCS - their enrollment is too low to hire me. it tasted like SPIT! after crying on the drive home, things are looking better. we found lots and lots of opportunities (and a house on stilts!). we're mainly looking at the west coast. west-coast meaning the gulf side of south florida!

I lied, this is Last: i just found out my team-teacher at bethune just quit. that brings the count up to 4 teachers who quit or were fired (me) on our team this year. an overturn of 6 people on a team of 2 people. incredible. they're filling the slot with a guy they fired last year. i wish i had known - i would've applied. yup.


the shark said...

I just love to spit when I've got watermelon seeds in my mouth! Spit isn't all bad!!! Advice is easily given, but I think that you and Matt will work things out just fine...I know that you keep looking for God's guidance and He won't take you the wrong way. Sometimes life does have its detours...enjoy them!!!

the shark said...

24 hours!!!

ningyo said...

Cool poem!

That's too bad about your job~the same thing happened to me this year due to Board education cuts! Even though I'm their star teacher apparently I'm too expensive~meh. I'll miss my schools ._.,

LIke you said though, new adventures and exciting new things to find! I hope you find many fun fun things and not any snakes in your toilet.

I just scrubbed my floor (bleach and floor scrubber AND by hand washing~no toothbrush though) as a prep. for cockroach season! Do you guys have cockroach guests too? Gokiburi is Japanese for cockroach just to let you know.

The Goodfellas said...

how is the hawaii application going, by the way? is that upcoming this year, or next?