Saturday, April 15, 2006

mongolian cow sour yogurt super girl's voice

i was just reading in the news about china's version of american idol: mongolian cow sour yogurt super girl's voice! the chinese are leap-years ahead of us in that their name is infinitely cooler than ours. i mean that.

anyway, this was in the news because the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television recently made new rules for the show, such as that contests should contribute to "constructing a harmonious socialist society ... they must not make a hubhub about things as they please and must avoid creating stars." also, judges "should be positive and healthy ... they must not make contestants embarrassed."

it is speculated that "...authorities worried that voting for TV contestants would make the Chinese want to vote in other contexts, such as for their political leaders." (-Time). 400 million viewers watched the finale last year - will they clamor for freedom in the name of mongolian cow sour yogurt super girl? will a movie be made starring mel gibson? or will china overcompensate for the threat by broadcasting only dragon-dances with a 6 second delay? these are all important questions to consider.


Brian and/or Megan said...

yay I did it! i got a picture up! i think i want to compete in the show

Brian and/or Megan said...

vern says: DON'T EAT ANY OF THAT!