Wednesday, April 26, 2006

que viva la santa!!!!!!

for kelly's birthday, fernando planned a lovely surprise party in the park. we had chorizo, vacio (a lot like entrana), salad, and cupcakes! these are the girls who came. the one standing next to me, ana, is often mistaken for eva longoria! she even gets asked for her autograph!
these are the gentlemen in attendance. we all met up after church which coincidentally was one of the craziest services i've ever attended! the speakers were a pair of brothers who are musicians - salsa and merengue. they performed a bunch of their songs and spoke in between (they were really good too! so good that matt may have even emitted a "ZA!!!" - but then again maybe not.) there was a group of seminary-kids visiting, and they were pulled up to the stage to dance. a couple of them were sconnies, which means they had 2 dance moves to choose from: skanking and the polka. so needless to say they were up there swinging those elbows and skanking away - we were laughing so hard!!! ;-) it was cute. made me homesick.
in conclusion, i have told you about kelly's birthday. THE END. :-)


mark and monsita! said...

Those cup cakes look very yummy!!! Are you going to make me some next time I see you Jenny or Matt? Kelly looks very happy. How nice for her to have good friends and family close by.!!!

The Goodfellas said...

okay YES the cupcakes were yummy. SO yummy. i have never made a better cupcake in my life. perhaps if you come i will make you one???

kelly was very happy - she even scored a goal!!!

hawk christian said...

What nice pictures. What kind of a camera did you use?!!!

Brian and/or Megan said...

happy birthday kelly! We haven't gotten a chance to talk yet because of the stinking time difference. i want to learn from here the wisdom that i have three months yet to receive.

kelly said...

that's true, megs. i have wisdom you can't even dream of yet!!!!

how fun, jenny!!!!! thanks for posting the pictures!!!!!!! can we put them on snapfish at my house???? maybe tomorrow after school????? yay!!!!!

The Goodfellas said...

yeah can you believe i found it?? what a fright!!!!!!!!!