Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the resurrection of jet jaguar?

while aaron and abby were here, they came up with a plan for our future which includes moving up to wisconsin and starting a band - which, of course, matt has been dying to do, especially considering the low amount of rock'n'roll this state has to offer. (you know what's weird? when i wrote that just now, i was trying to think of another word for rock'n'roll since that could also encompass throaty linkin park type of music, and i thought "aha! is it called 'alternative'?" whereupon i realized that word hasn't been used since like...94? how do i get so behind the times??)

anyway. all the rock'n'roll talk brought back thoughts of the glory days when matt and the other members of the hypothetical "middle school boy-band" jet jaguar were invited down to take on a pro-wrestler in the ring. anyone remember that? the guy who kept sending matt obscene emails as they duked it out over rights to the name jet jaguar?

anyway. i hope they make a band, and then me and abby will get to be merch girls. here we are looking so darn cute. :-)


mark and monsita! said...

it looks like you girls had fun. Nice picture.

The Goodfellas said...

miscellaneous observations!:

1. today a kid stuck a size-twelve foot through the drywall at work! middle schoolers sometimes remind me of lenny from of mice and men. overly strong for their brain capacity. and i mean no offense.

2. high schoolers do not by nature like the same games as first graders. didn't see that one coming. or maybe they do and the scoffing is just obligatory?

3. the lion king is a fabulous movie! okay! i said it! it almost made me cry! in CLASS! the part when rafiki holds up simba and all the animals dance and bellow and then bow when that shaft of light hits him? 1 thing i am grateful for: they managed not to pick the same 2 people they always pick to do spanish voice-overs. you know the ones? which brings me to point 4:

4. i wish i did voice-overs. only not really 'cause i can't do accents. but i guess you're not supposed to talk with an accent when you're translating into a foreign language? right? like, if the character's british, you don't speak spanish with a british accent? which brings me to our last point:

5. i wonder if people who speak other languages practice talking in accents like we do in the states? like if chinese people sit around trying to sound irish, or mexican or something?

Hawk Christian said...

A tornado is nothing compared with what is going on inside your head! And I say that lovingly, and with pride!!!

heidi_go_lightly said...

Speaking of Mice and Men.... yeah we just got done reading that.

Abby said...

I would LOVE to be a merch girl! You should definitely move to Wisconsin so they can start a band. Maybe they can name it Jet Jaguar II, or perhaps the real name of the wrestler and add the standard "project" or "band" to the end. That would be SWEET! ha!

heidi_go_lightly said...

Back to the eighth grade army of Lennies the hormones also kick everything into hyper-drive, it's like mixing Lennie with the incredible Hulk. As for high school scoffs, yeah that comes with the territory. Today I made two girls move out of the forbidden back row (school rule) and they carried on like that minute and a half that it took them to log into another computer had just caused them to fail their entire creative writing assignment, maybe even teh quarter, maybe even the semester, oh, my because made them move they're banished to a life of working at Wal-Mart. As for saying the "Lion King" makes you cry..um ouch. But it's okay, the last week I was at the middle school I tried to do this sentimental thing with my English class where I handed out pebbles and had them picture a pond. I told them that the pebble was a metphor for the person that they would become and that they would become and thier actions make ripples, so let them be good ripples. What was I thinking? What kinda flaky English teacher vortex did I pull that one out of? My students thought it was more mental than sentimental--and they were right. They are such an awesome group of kids, I miss them!

The Goodfellas said...

the brian bernick band.... but our boys (men? that sounds weird!) feel it sounds like a jam band. a shame. at the very least, i would like a "brian bernick band" tee-shirt to wear to one of his fights sometime. what were we thinking??? while you guys were down here we should've gone to see him!!!!

as for the pebbles - i kinda like it. :-)