Sunday, May 07, 2006

Never trust a woman in a mask.

When I get around to running down here, I go around 5:10 am, and I see a lot of raccoons. Not one member of Florida's native raccoon population is pink. They are all a pretty standard shade of grey/brown, just like those you find in the Midwest. The raccoon with whom I share my life, love, and domecile still remains the most unique and colorful example of her kind that I have ever met, and she persists in warming me into a giddy state of euphoria even to this day.

(in no particular order)
1. open a meatball (and assorted spherical foods) restaurant
2. screenplays, screenplays, screenplays!
3. join the circus (as teachers, but we'd sneak onto the trapeze at night)
4. teach in Morocco
5. sign to barsuk records
6. build a house! on stilts? perhaps a concrete dome? who can say!?
7. procure a sibling for Fyodor, preferrably a white-handed gibbon
8. run a marathon (Matt, not Jenny)
9. be on Survivor or Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

And what about you?


Beth P. said...

these are fantastic goals:

i know at least two can be accomplished: running a marathon (go for it matt!) & one of the girls in my bible study just got a job working for the circus in not only are there circus jobs, but circus jobs overseas! (i'm a little frightened by the circus myself. One of my worst secret nightmares is becoming a carnie...or one of those people who works at the circus.)

The Goodfellas said...

WOW!!!!!!! what is she doing in the circus in china? how long is her contract? i will say that sounds like the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!

Beth P. said...

hey-thanks for all the comments on my blog! and my parents say hi, by the way! i love that we're all communicating via blog. plus, i credit the both of you for my final decision about next year. making a 5 year plan was exactly what i needed and unconfused my then completely confused self.

it's kind of a funny story about my friend joinging the circus--it was an accident. she was supposed to go to africa for 3 months to do missions. suddenly, two weeks ago, her trip got canceled and she got sent a letter by her mission telling her that they were sending her to china to work for the circus instead. she has no idea what exactly she'll be doing, but she's going! (she's super musical and dramatic, so i guess they thought the circus was a good fit.)

mark and monsita! said...

I'm glad you two have long term plans, it is good to have a spirit of adventure! As for that pink mapache she never seize to amaze me either!!! You never know with that girl!!As for my long term goals? I just want to do what is right with God then everything else will fall into place. So far everything has!!! Praise the Lord!!

The Goodfellas said...

usando las palabras de mi abuelita, "ju-is-it?" mamita? papito? quien escribio? se me hace que fue mi mamita. :-) tell me more about this milwaukee thing, by the way! the auto-repair lessons you might give..?

beth - i'm glad that helped! it helped us a lot too! kind of melts things into perspective.

that is a CRAZY story about the circus!!!!! does she by chance speak chinese?

The Goodfellas said...

QUESTION! What language is the date in??? any guesses? any guesses?

ningyo said...
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ningyo said...

Lithuanian ne?

FYODOR said...


mark and monsita! said...

Fui yo quien escribio. Estamos hoy en Milwaukee y te estoy escribiendo desde el hotel pues aqui tienen coneccion para el internet y nos trajimos la computaroda portatil.

hawk christian said...

To the husband of the Mapache...what nice things you say of your mate. From your top ten list could you possibly consider changing your wish #7 from a white-handed gibbon to a humanoid? Not only are they cute, but they do much more interesting things!

ningyo said...

I googled it and went to the link which stated that on...that date in Lituanian the weather for in Kuanas will be scattered clouds and a high of 66.