Monday, June 26, 2006

a series of unfortunate events

matt and i had been swimming when a storm started brewing, so we decided to come in. i was about to make tostones, and we also needed some meat, so matt set out to walk to the grocery store. just as he left, i remembered that we needed mojo (a garlic sauce you eat with the tostones, which are kind of like fried banana), but i was detained because i was on the phone with kelly. so i told kelly to hold on, and i figured i could still catch him, so i ran out into the hallway. i saw he was pretty far away, near the dumpster, and he couldn't hear me calling him, so i sent little fyodor to stop him. however, fyodor is not much of a tracking dog. he didn't see him, and instead went bounding around in the rain, running in huge circles like he was trying to make doughnuts.

i ran out to catch fyodor, calling to him to come home, whereupon he spotted matt and took off running towards him. he caught matt at the fence, where a very confused matt picked him up and turned around. by now, i was almost to the fence too, so i delivered my message - don't forget the mojo - and set off toward home with little fyodor following me.

however, it was a mistake to have put fyodor down. normally he follows really nicely, but not today, not with all the rain and slick grass. he took off runinng again, and i took off after him. one of the neighbors was on her balcony and presumed he had gotten loose, so she started yelling "he went left! i see him! now he's by the dumpster!" i yelled thanks but still couldn't catch him. so, she sent her boyfriend out with their dog, sparticus, to help in the effort. as anticipated, fyodor came tearing over to sparticus, and me and john tried to catch him. but he wouldn't have it! he was having too much fun! we chased and chased, with the neighbor still directing from the balcony. at long last, i caught him, put him up on my shoulder and headed for home. quite a fiasco! and the worst part is ---- the whole time, i was in a towel!!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


today is my mom's birthday!!!
okay mamita -- the first picture is kind of a card. the second one is just a nice one of you, i think you look particularly lovely -- well, like you always do! the last one is of fyodor singing you happy birthday. he really put his heart and soul into it.
when we see you in a few days we'll have to celebrate!!! ps. for your birthday, i paid off some british players to ensure that ecuador wins, so make sure you watch the game tomorrow. ;)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

so many dogs!!!

on our drive south, we stopped at the langes. little fyodor was SO scared of their dogs, he wouldn't come down all night! he was stiff as a board and his forks were out, and he kept trying to climb up higher and higher onto our shoulders and heads! since matt has a good many inches on me, he spent most of the night holding him. for some reason, he was most scared of roxie! the langes have a little pomchi too (only she is much more pomeranian, fluffy as can be and only weighs 4 pounds!) i think she gave him nightmares.

this picture is matt and adam and polly and fyodor (polly is so ridiculously cute! those ears! my goodness!)

it was a really really fun visit (even though it made our 2nd day drive so long! we didn't get home until 5 this morning, after leaving their place at 9 am! of course that includes a very slow drive through a forest that is full of bears and deer, and a short nap in the back of our hatchback when we just couldn't go on anymore... also, it was possibly the hottest drive we've ever had, mid-june in the deep south with no air conditioning...all in all a pretty memorable trip!)

Friday, June 16, 2006

no one knows.

here we are with the monster truck we spotted in appleton -- for some reason, this is my only picture that really came out well, so it only shows the tail end, but look at how tall that thing is! crazy! (or has abby suddenly become very short? who can say?)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


we were on our way to meet up with abigail and horatiu at "the transylvania" - a romanian restaurant in hollywood when our tire exploded, ripping up some wiring in our car. we were very sad because we thought we wouldn't get to see them! (alas, we had to turn back.) but, abigail and horatiu came up to visit us, which was quite a drive for them, and very very nice. they even gave us a bottle of romanian water! did you know it is naturally carbonated? comes out of the ground that way! all in all, it was a lovely time - crazy that it's been a year since we've seen each other! time is a funny thing.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

riding off into the sunset

today i tip my hat to matt goodman. he has finished his first year of teaching!!! he has withstood greenberg's psychological-atomic-fireball-warfare, countless paper-ball attacks by a kid who goes by russel crowe, and the obvious - learning how to teach while teaching. he has done such an amazing job.

as the wifey, i have been with him a few times while we ran into students - jose (who introduced us to his grandpa), tracy (who said "why you didn't tell us you have a dog mista?! aww hes so cute mista..."), matt the commie (who asked for a light), and rosalie (who was wearing antlers.) every one of the kids was so excited to see him, and i was so proud walking by his side. mr. goodman, my husband.

*can you spot matt in the picture?