Friday, June 16, 2006

no one knows.

here we are with the monster truck we spotted in appleton -- for some reason, this is my only picture that really came out well, so it only shows the tail end, but look at how tall that thing is! crazy! (or has abby suddenly become very short? who can say?)


The Goodfellas said...

oh yes! and: in other SCONNY news -- i have officially been hired at waukesha! i realized that after many-a-dramatic post, i never really clarified what's happening. well, i took the job teaching at a bilingual school - looks like i'll be teaching 1st grade! matt is getting his paperwork going at uw-m (as in milwaukee) and concordia, and we're trying to figure out where to live. right not looks like we might be finding a trailer! yes. it is true. we're gonna try and save our money, buy a little plot of land, and build a cute little house. this may be in a few years, who knows?
no one knows.
what a fitting title. and here i thought it meant nothing.
:) that's it overandout!

ningyo said...

Oh yay! Congratulations!

heidi_go_lightly said...

I asked Dr. Hardesty of books are still included in tuition, they no longer are. There are some I would be willing to sell you and there are others that I want to keep for my professional library or just general interest...However, I am more than willing to lend those to you.