Monday, June 26, 2006

a series of unfortunate events

matt and i had been swimming when a storm started brewing, so we decided to come in. i was about to make tostones, and we also needed some meat, so matt set out to walk to the grocery store. just as he left, i remembered that we needed mojo (a garlic sauce you eat with the tostones, which are kind of like fried banana), but i was detained because i was on the phone with kelly. so i told kelly to hold on, and i figured i could still catch him, so i ran out into the hallway. i saw he was pretty far away, near the dumpster, and he couldn't hear me calling him, so i sent little fyodor to stop him. however, fyodor is not much of a tracking dog. he didn't see him, and instead went bounding around in the rain, running in huge circles like he was trying to make doughnuts.

i ran out to catch fyodor, calling to him to come home, whereupon he spotted matt and took off running towards him. he caught matt at the fence, where a very confused matt picked him up and turned around. by now, i was almost to the fence too, so i delivered my message - don't forget the mojo - and set off toward home with little fyodor following me.

however, it was a mistake to have put fyodor down. normally he follows really nicely, but not today, not with all the rain and slick grass. he took off runinng again, and i took off after him. one of the neighbors was on her balcony and presumed he had gotten loose, so she started yelling "he went left! i see him! now he's by the dumpster!" i yelled thanks but still couldn't catch him. so, she sent her boyfriend out with their dog, sparticus, to help in the effort. as anticipated, fyodor came tearing over to sparticus, and me and john tried to catch him. but he wouldn't have it! he was having too much fun! we chased and chased, with the neighbor still directing from the balcony. at long last, i caught him, put him up on my shoulder and headed for home. quite a fiasco! and the worst part is ---- the whole time, i was in a towel!!!!


mark and monsita! said...

Jenny, Jenny Jenny!!!!!

Friend of a Friend of a Friend said...

Like, a bath-towel? Or a hand-drying towel?

After a shower, or because it's cheaper than air conditioning

The Goodfellas said...

oh no, a bath towel. definitely a bath towel!!!!

i never thought of wearing a towel instead of turning on the air, it seems like it might actually be hotter no? all that thick cloth?

so: who is this friend of a friend of a friend?

ningyo said...

It might be Ryan--since he loves to make up fake names and addresses.

What a cute story! I'm so impressed you can run while wearing a towel! It sounds quite dangeresque...