Wednesday, June 28, 2006

three years ago today!


matthewjgoodman said...
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mr. goodman said...

So! Three years! Easily the best three years of my life. Honey, you're the best there is, and that is why I picked you.

Today, I'm taking Jennicita to Miami for a day o'fun. We're going to a mystery restaurant known only to me. Mapache picked from four sets of directions that she was given, and she chose (drumroll, please)....................................OPTION ONE! So, we're taking off momentarily. She will direct my driving, and we will arrive with glee. We'll put up pictures later on. Adios!


mark and monsita! said...

Congratulations to the one of the most unusual and loving couple I personally know!! You two were lovely the day of your wedding, and after three years you are growing even stronger!!! May God bless you!!!

Mark the Shark said...

Those Goodman's...what can one say! Congratulations!!!

The Goodfellas said...


i chose ADVENTURE PACKAGE #1 which means we went to a middle eastern restaurant called MAROOSH! it was really good! and i got a dessert called burma! (and a meal, everything was soooo tasty..!)

then we went snorkelling!!! what fun! and we had cold bottles (glass bottles that is) of coke on the drive! it was much too fun. :)

oh, and wings for supper!

ps. and one of the best parts of all is i FINALLY feel better... yeesh, what a fright. woke up feeling fine!!!! :)

The Goodfellas said...

i feel obliged to share with you, the masses, our anniversary traditions. :)

1. during supper, we each write a love-letter :)
2. then, we write a TOP TEN list of the best/most significant aspects of the year...we take turns reading them off and generally laugh quite a bit and then compile one more list of things we forgot
3. we write down our songs-of-the-year, which we then make into a mix, labelled (thus far) year 1, year 2, and year 3. :)

and: that is that! do any of you have an anniversary tradition?

Brian and/or Megan said...

you two are the cutest! we should make an anniversary tradition!

The Goodfellas said...

you should!!! when you think of one let me know. :> (that is a new smile i am trying out, by the way. i can't decide if it's pleasant or not.)

anyway, we take all these letters & lists and store them in our pirate box!!! and it's really fun to pull them out and look at them! my grandma lola by the way, i think she's the one who made us think of it --- she has this book of poetry that my grandpa wrote. sometimes she pulls it out and even though she can't see very well, she likes to look at the familiar scrawly writing...

i remember one of the poems, it goes:

La primera vez que
Os vi, me pareciste
Luz, fuego, un
Amor que nunca se acabara.

(the first time that i saw you, you seemed to me light, fire, a love that never dies).

lovely, no?

ningyo said...

Congratulations you guys! That was such a fun wedding <3