Friday, July 07, 2006

i know this is disgusting.

i really do. and i apologize. but we wanted to share a few pictures of our 4th of july, and so here it is! when we went to see the fireworks, matt hit his toe on a pipe sticking out of the grass. he almost passed out. (or was it blacked out matt? is there a difference? anyone know, anyone?) i don't know. he had to lay down because he was so woozy, so we watched the fireworks from there, where he collapsed. later, we bandaged his toe with my extra shirt (i was wearing two) and he made it back to the car okay. anyway, the fireworks were very beautiful. fyodor really enjoyed them too. a good time was had by all, despite the injury and corresponding amputation. (i mentioned that right?)

anyway, here is a picture of our 4th of july pie to even-out the gore.


kel said...

jen, are you online right now????? your number is busy, and i've been trying to call! call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark the Shark said...

Seeing that toe just makes me cringe...seeing the pie makes up for it!

The Goodfellas said...

it is awful isnt it??!!!!
poor baby!!!! :(

Anonymous said...

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