Wednesday, July 12, 2006

me fui!


The Goodfellas said...

so: we moved!
we live in wisconsin now!

ps. a million thank-yous to my matthew for driving us the whole way!!! he is an absurdly pleasant person to be around... :)

heidi_go_lightly said...

Welcome back to Cheeseland

Brian and/or Megan said...

those are the cutest pictures ever!!

Abby said...

Aaron and I are very glad that you are back in Wisconsin and can't wait to hang out with both of you... and Mr. Forks!! :)

ningyo said...

Congratulations on the big move you guys! Maybe we can see each other in November/December when we return!

How sad for Kelly though (._.)

The Goodfellas said...

thank you one and all. :)

we are going tomorrow to try and find a place to live --- i think we'll be renting for about a year, to see if it's where we want to end up for a while. if so, then we would like to buy a little plot of land and build! if not, then we'll see where the wind blows us. matt longs for the desert, and we also like the carolinas, but by then we might have Newts so who are we kidding? we'll stick around probably.

speaking of The Newts!: we were talking tonight about names, because i like the name clemencia, but matt does not, so we were looking into other relative's names... look at these crazy ones we found!!!!

laie luella
ursina uveina
katjarina (many of those)
mehitable (several)
earla birdella
luna elmina

what is the weirdest name in your family tree?
AND: what is the ONE name you would not name your child?

heidi_go_lightly said...

Well if you're asking for wierd names, my own Heidi Ann Heideman is as weird as you get! I was named after my last name so that I would keep it when I got married. Thus, in reality, I only have one name because the first and middle were to basically chosen to mirror the last. I swear my middle name would have been "Man" if my mother's middle name was not "Ann" as well. Not only is it essentially the same name twice, but it rhymes and has a sing-songy meter. To further top off my annoyance with my name, although my first name is based on my last name, they're spelled differently; my first name is Heidi and my last name is Heide. Trust me, it gave me a complex in Kindergarten when I was learning to spell my first and last name because I got all frazzled about remembering that my last name had an e instead of an i. And even today, when I fill out forms, especially ones when you have to write your last name first, I always screw them up because my hand goes on auto-pilot thinking I'm writing my first name and all of a sudden there is an 'i' instead of an 'e.'
Although I have the wierdest name, there are other weird mostly German names in my family:
Arnold (shared by at least 5 members of my family two great grandfathers, my grandfather, my step-grandfather and my dad)
August (which I like but is very uncommon)

And my brothers have normal names, but they rhyme with one another, making their names wierd, when one considers they are brothers with rhyming names-- Austin and Dustin

My parents will never be allowed to name any person or thing again!!

ningyo said...

My Grandfather's name was something like Lavere Allen Beyer. Everyone called him "Al" so I have no clue how his first name was actually spelt, it's not even in the baby dictionary.

So it might have been LaVar, but that doesn't sound the same...maybe it was "leverett" with a silent "tt?"

ningyo said...

So far our kids names might be:
Luther ... something... Grube
Alexander Aristarchus Galileo Grube

If ANYONE takes "" I will be mad...Not that anyone would take that. You're too busy feeling sorry for our yet-to-be-born child to scheme stealing such a fantastic name aren't you?

Ryan wants to name our first born "number two" so that when he asks "why wasn't I number 1" he can say "'Cause son, you'll never be number 1!"

His other ideas (which I will never agree on) are:
Hamburger Pickle Grube
Muhammed Buddha Mazda Grube
Kani May Pole Dirtflower Grube

I think he's just trying to outdo Frank Zappa. Hopefully it's just a stage.

Kelli said...

I'm so jealous of your blog, it's so much more entertaining than mine. :-)

I'll have to do a little research on the name thing... all my relatives with cool names are old or dead. :(

heidi_go_lightly said...

I like your name choices! esp. Aristarchus! I do think you should reconsider Muhammed Buddha Mazda : ) You'd have three world religions covered.

Here are names I like, please don't take any, I may need one or two someday : ) The last name is yet to be announced.

Elinor (Ellie)Flannery__________
Zachary Cash____________________
Blake Carter or Williams __________
Annelise(Annie) Ester____________

abigail said...

laurie.. i am number that is already taken. ;)

The Goodfellas said...

heidi i really like your girl-names! so cute!

kelli -- yeah, these are really old too, we looked on the family tree my uncle made (it goes all the way back to the 800's! but most of these are from the 1700s and 1800s...all my relatives from the mid-1800's up are named george!) :D

laurie --hmm. i do like galileo! ;)

OH YES: for the name i would never name a Newt: JORDAN. i dont know why. i just can't STAND that name. (for a boy). and for a girl, AMANDA. ehhhhhhkkej. sounds like fingernails to me.

heidi_go_lightly said...

Another random thought...has anyone seen John Alley? I found a bunk of papers from college today, and among them was a story that John wrote. Among the same papers was a poetry critic of one of my poems by Andrew Kerbel, another person I wonder what ever become of. Matt, I think I started writing again would you mind looking at some stuff? Some of it will be revisions of pieces that you may have read two years ago, and I have something new that I'm working on, which involves cowboys and mechanical bull riding. Anyway,that's what made me think of John Alley and Andrew Kerbel, it would be great to have them both constructively rip apart my writing.

Any other takers...seriously I would love a random sampling of editors!

heidi_go_lightly said...

you could start by editing my comments which are always littered with typos : )

Jenna said...

We have many names on our list of potential baby names, but most likely won't choose anything until the baby is in our arms. What if we wanted to name it Gertrude (we don't) but it came out not looking like a Gertrude, but rather a Verdilla?

ningyo said...

That's right Abs! You are number two, but it might be different if you're number two, plus you are a second born child (even though the naming is seperate).

For the intents of Ryan's "number two" the child must be first born, he insists this is an important point.

Jenna: Verdilla? ?? I've never heard that!

The Goodfellas said...

that's what my parents thought too! they wanted to take me home for a few years and see what i was like and then name me... but the doctors wouldnt let them take me home without a name. :)

mr. goodfella said...

Sure! Send it my way.

As for John Alley, I do not know where he is. As for Andrew Kerbel, I do not know who he is.

mr. goodfella said...

And of course, I was talking to Heidi when I said "sure, send it my way." I just wanted to clarify for everybody else. I really like the name Ian, but I don't think Mapache agrees. Maybe too British sounding for her. Although, let's not forget, Mapache, your tree does go back into the greater United Kingdom; Wales, Scotland, and Britain herself, if I remember correctly! And I'm probably a little British too, so... I don't know... :)

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