Monday, July 17, 2006

so so so ready to unpack!

things i am most excited to fish out of boxes:

1. my clothes (wadded up and wrapped around the dishes -- i have been rotating between the same 2 outfits, one of which is now stained! oh no!)

2. pasta, passion, and pistols: our murder mystery! (anyone ever done one of those? anyone want to come play?)

things i was most excited to discover: (in the array of things we left in wisconsin a year ago)

1. a magic eye book! (i spent 2-3 am looking at the 3d pictures (couldn't sleep (i slept too much in the afternoon because matt accidentally took drowsy cough medicine (which somehow made me tired too)) and then when i tried to sleep, my eyes kept shifting like that, trying to see 3d images in the weird mix of colors and patterns you see when you shut your eyes. at one point, it was comets, then later a cursive lower-case letter u. not very cool. and clearly i was overtired.)

2. i guess it's really just one thing.


misdemeanor said...

welcome back to the homeland! :)
i want to do the murder mystery thing! man, remember that one in high school? is it the same one? because i know who the murderer is! ;)
if you guys need a place to stay mid house-searching, my apartment is only like 40 minutes or so from waukesha!

The Goodfellas said...

for real?? i dont remember at all! i think it might be the same one... hmm. perhaps i will have to procure a different one!

thanks for the offer, we might take you up on it soonish... :)

oh, however: we might (maybe maybe) be able to move in to a place this weekend! ee!

mr. goodfella said...

The place we found is so cute, and SO BIG! We are very excited about it. We should hear back about it today. We'd better get in; it cost us $34 to apply! :0

misdemeanor said...

do you have pictures of the place? i hope you get it! let me know if you get it--i will come visit! :)
jenny, you should call me!

does the murder mystery have the characters angel and bo?

The Goodfellas said...

they called today, yay!!!! we get to move in by this weekend!!!! :-)

you will so-much love it missy, it looks like a place where one should wear a polka-dotted apron and high heels (pumps to be specific) in the kitchen. :-)

i dont know about the characters but how is this possible that you are remembering something i have forgotten????! has the world gone topsy-turvy?????

Kelli said...

Everyone in that picture looks pretty tough except for that guy on the right. Who is that?!

ha ha

So, I will have to stop in and visit you in Waukesha on the way to Ben's house sometime! Ben's got this sweet flat in Milwaukee that we both like a lot. Maybe I could host a party at Ben's sometime? :-) It's only like 15-20 minutes from Waukesha.

The Goodfellas said...

sounds fun, give us a call! :)

ps. i know --- it is a funny picture! :D

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