Saturday, August 26, 2006

All your base are belong to us.

*We have no interweb!
*There will be no further posts for many moons!
*Not on your blogs either!
*Please still stay in touch though!
*Who am I kidding - I will update this thing from the library sometimes.


ningyo said...

iyada! how sad and empty feeling my blog is without your comments so throughtfully posted.

heidi_go_lightly said...

Yeah, I figured out that the internet cost money too... money that I would rather spend on this stuff called furniture. I would much rather buy a washer and dryer than have the internet or cable. Plus grown-up jobs take a lot of time... plus I'm going to start grad classes i get paid more per hour taking tickets at a volleyball game after school than I get pain per hour during the school day!! Good for the washer/dryer/sofa/grown-up furniture/health club membership fund, but seriously, I'm a little perplexed!

sui generis said...

You have no chance to survive make your time.

heidi_go_lightly said...

I'm realizing that : ) Thanks

mr. goodfella said...

Hello, Gentlemen.

Somebody set up us the bomb!

Jenna said...

Nah, Heidi, they're quoting some video game ;)

sui generis said...