Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't miss it; don't be late!

Maybe you have been wondering, have those crazy Goodfellas been admiring livestock recently? The answer is yes, yes we have! We went to the state fair with the Goodmanskis, ate creampuffs and fried-zucchini, watched a dancing chihuahua perform, and saw the Tom Green Show! (Yes! The Tom Green show! Unfortunately it turns out there's two people named Tom Green.)

One thing I did not see? A cow with a plastic plate in its side. Not that I particularly want to see one, but I thought this was something Saunders made up for Civilwarland In Bad Decline. (Have you read it? You should read it.) Now that I know that it truly exists, I know for sure that I live in the future. (Also known as post-1999). (Would post-1999 ever come, I've been wondering?) (And now it's here, and this era has been ushered in by a see-through cow? Who knew?)


The Goodfellas said...

A SIGH OF RELIEF! I just looked it up, and while it's mostly true, it's not quite true. I for one am kind of glad; it was a little creepy no?

So. Back to the topic de jour. We saw chickens and pigs! Fun! :)

Anonymous said...

speaking of "the future", this year we have to sign in to work using our fingerprint on a scanner.... we just watched back to the future today, and that was how they unlocked their doors... pretty crazy, no? i'd say that the future is here!!!