Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm engaged!!!!!

Can you believe it??! Matt popped the question* on Saturday evening, and presented me with a sparkling, snakey ring! I said yes! I then quickly promenaded inside to show my parents (who had been watching out the window). Then we realized that Matt had not asked for my hand, so he asked. They said maybe, if you can beat us at euchre. It was a passionately-played 3-rounds. In the end, he won me. (Next, they wanted to play for Fyodor, but we said nooooo. They would've meant it too.)

*Footnote: Yes, I am already married. Have been for three years. To Matt. However, I lost my rings** and have since then been pressuring Matt to make me an honest woman.

**Footnote: We thought*** they might turn up when we moved out of our place in Florida, but they were nowhere to be found, not even in the couch where
strange things turn up.

***Footnote: We later arrived at the conclusion that Fyodor must have swallowed them, because he was once caught in the act trying to swallow Megan's.


grubedoo said...

The resemblance to Pedro is uncanny.

The Goodfellas said...

matt i assume, right??

(this is our "look how compatible we are!" picture) ;-)