Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is a little late, but let's be honest here... news this big does not diminish over paltry mortal days. Blow the trumpets and the zithers, for at 87 pages, as of October 19th, Black Forest has come to a FINISH!

The editing process has begun, which I think will take about a week, if I'm lucky. That should polish it to my liking. Anything after that will be up to producers, agents, and directors to decide.

PS--87 may not sound long enough, and it probably isn't, but after the editing, it should be all good.


The Goodfellas said...
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The Goodfellas said...

CONGRATULATIONS to YOU!!! now go sell that sucker and buy me a hat!


mr. goodfella said...


mr. goodfella said...

And, just for fun, here's a list of acquisitions I will just maybe pick up when I do sell that zinger.

1. 1966 Gibson ES 335
2. Freedom from student debt
3. Land
4. InTouch Magazine
5. Fender Hot Rod DeVille amp
6. House components to put on the land.
7. one ladies hat

mr. goodfella said...

So... it's 11/4/06 (already!?). I haven't finished editing like I thought. I've been hitting the job search hard lately, and the McFalls were up, and we had Fyo's birthday, so things have just been nutty. But definitely by the end of November. That's the goal, anyway. The goal of being done with revisions, that is.

8. Laffy Taffy (apple)
9. install ejector seat in Cabrio
10. new computer
11. MUSIC MAN Stingray bass (4 string; I'm no string-monger)

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Matt - congratulations! I can't wait for you to sell that script and move to Hollywood. We need more So Cal neighbors!

Love ya - Jenn, Bart, Alex and Cassie

mr. goodfella said...

Well, hello, you wild parrots! In a few years, who knows? We just may be doing that. I'm planning on going to UW Milwaukee to get my MFA in Film Production, because I think I'd like to become a professor one day. I would need some experience to do that, of course, so we just might be moving after a while. But it's all talk right now.

In the more immediate future (I hope), if I come to town to sell the script, can I stay on your couch? :)

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

You're more than welcome to the couch, although Cassie pees on it frequently so it's your call...

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

By the way, I made fun of your sister's TV on her blog today and she called me within 1 minute to yell at me. That's kind of scary!

Seriously, it was nice to hear from her and we miss you guys too. We'd love to have you come and visit anytime.

Anonymous said...

Do you want the ejector seat on the drivers side or passenger?


heidi_go_lightly said...

I am no longer MIA... Since you are no longer going to Concordia, can I get my boks back?

mr. goodfella said...

Actually, Mom, I was thinking about the rear bench. :) Backseat drivers and all.

Heidi, yes, you may have your books back... I suppose. If I feel like it. Okay, I feel like it. I'm going to be in Appleton this weekend... maybe we could rendezvous and have a little trade-off, the books for the... well, nothing. Just the books, I guess.

mr. goodfella said...

Oh, and Dicksons, thank you for the cat juice warning. I'll use caution.

Megan can be creepy like that.

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Oh Mr. Goodfella, that wasn't a cat juice warning...Cassie is your real, human cousin!

The Goodfellas said...

awww geez matt, even i knew that!!


(but i love you anyway. i just hope that cassie still does too)

Bart and Jennifer Dickson said...

Cassie sends both her love and a "meow". She'd be a very, very cute cat.