Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So. Above is a photo of Tony Jaa, a master of, among other martial art forms, Muay Thai, which originated from Jaa's native country (Thailand, naturally.). It's a crazy style of leaping around, hitting people with elbows and knees, and being generally awesome. To see it in action, you could watch Jaa's two biggest movies, Ong Bak the Thai Warrior, and The Protector, which exited theaters a month ago.

And guess what... I was driving home from the DMV of all places when I saw a sign on a brick building, here in Waukesha (of all places), that advertised classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

Insert my face here, everyone!!!


PS: by here, I mean put my face over Tony Jaa's face.


grubedoo said...

I used to teach BASIC Muay-Tai as a cardio workout when I was a Personal Trainer. I doubt I could have even defended myself against a skilled 3rd grader though considering how limitted my knowledge of the martial art form was.

Anonymous said...

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Beth P. said...

matt-- hey, where do you think you'll go for mfa? i'm trying to decide right now. you should go next year perhaps! then you, jenny and i could all live in the same place!! (well of course jenny would live in the same place as you, but i would rather like her to live in the same place as me too!) beth p

mr. goodfella said...

Hey, beth!
can you believe some anonymous rude person put this stupid ad on my blog? Grrrrr...

Anyway, I'm probably going to go to UWMilwaukee, because they have one of the five top non-Hollywood-based film schools. I'm thinking about UT-Austin, too. Those are my thoughts. Most likely it will be here, because I don't know if we have another massive cross-continent move in us right now. :)


The Goodfellas said...

hehe, that's a pretty funny thing to picture jason :-D