Sunday, December 31, 2006

It was so very merry!

These are pictures from Christmas. So! Let's see what we got here! First, there's Jon with a parrot on his head at the Goodman Christmas Eve party. Then there's Betsy with the stocking that she made for little Fy! You can tell by his expression that he was very impressed. Next we have me and Matt with Windmillman at the party (please note these are not in order: Betsy was not wearing pajamas at the party.) ;-) The next one is all of us at my grandparents' house on Christmas Day (Matt is thinking about holy chips.) There's my grandpa laughing at the story my dad wrote for him (did you know my dad is a writer?) And then there's a few of us opening presents in the morning. All in all it was very festive and joyous and oh man, in a few hours it'll be time to start celebrating New Years! I guess that means I gotta go!


missy said...

oooooh, kelly´s hair is so cute!!

The Goodfellas said...

hey! are you back in the states yet? wait, i guess it's only been like a week. when are you coming back though?