Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas

The day after Christmas I had to go meet with a professor to hear a lecture I missed because of work. It was about transnationalism, and he told me his opinions about the future of North America. I listened, and eventually it shifted over to 9/11. I was telling him how painful it was for me when I was in Mexico and saw people cheering about the towers. He thought for a moment, looked me in the eye and told me he would've applauded too. I winced; it felt like a slap in the face.

This simple statement showed me our propensity for hate. It just comes so naturally to us, the desire for revenge; it dulls our heart from the ability to feel compassion. It happens all over the world, every day, but the scale is so large that we see it as a political problem. We see tanks but we don't see the people inside them; we don't see the darkness in our hearts that's so eager to rationalize suffering.

This is why I am so very thankful for Christmas. So thankful for Christ, who conquered evil with love, who showed that grace is the only antidote for hate; forgiveness, the only way to end these cycles of revenge we find ourselves in. So thankful for God, who loves us despite the blackness of our hearts, whose grace is overwhelming.

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