Sunday, May 20, 2007

it was just too much

i finally broke and started saying "mero." just about as mexican as you can get, "ya mero this" and "ya mero that." i tried to hold off because it's like a person with a british accent suddenly saying "ya'll" all the time, while still talking british english. anyway, but in the end it proved too good a word to not use, so i throw it around left and right.

so here i was, thinking about how fun it is to be a fake-mexican, when my friend came in with a lunch for me. it smelled so good! i was so excited to eat it! at lunch time, i took it into the lounge and heated it up. she had told me it was "puerco y frijoles," so i was looking forward to some kind of chopped pork with beans. i opened up the tupperware and started scooping beans into my tortilla. i got to a big piece of pork, so i started cutting into it. "huh," i thought, "i don't see any meat here..." it was just bone and some kind of white stuff. i pushed it aside and dug down a little deeper into the tupperware. crazy! they were all the same!

just then, some other teachers came in. "ohhhh yum!" they said, "patas de chancho!"

"what what what?" i thought. "pig's feet??!" now i don't mean to be some kind of food snob but there are some things i'm just not used to eating. i scraped at it a bit with my fork and then decided to just wrap up beans in the tortillas and pretend i was eating the patas. (later that night, just thinking about it, i threw up... so i think it was a wise choice.) all this to say, though i may say "mero," i am still a mexi-can't.


The Goodfellas said...


i finally got the comments thing to come up. i've been dying to give myself a comment. ;-)

this is it: one nice thing about being pregnant is being able to gracefully turn down foods that you're a little unsure of. a while ago i was served a cereal-box-sized pork rind covered (covered!)in mayonnaise, hot sauce, and pickled pig skin. i didn't know i was pregnant at the time and couldn't say "ohhhhh, this baby is so picky, he only wants potatoes these days and makes me sick if i eat anything else, although i would love to."

so i ate it of course... (as did matt.) in retrospect it was pretty okay, too. :-)

The Goodfellas said...

oh yeah! again i forgot!

so the question is....:
what is the strangest thing you've ever eaten? and would you eat it again?