Tuesday, May 22, 2007

my crazy somersaulting baby

once, when someone told my dad his wife just had a baby, my dad figured he didn't want to ask the boring questions: "what's the weight?" "what's the length?" "what color of hair?" and etc. he decided to be original, so what came out of his mouth? "what color is it?"

the guy got this shocked expression on his face and said, "WHY?? what did you hear?"

true story. :-)

anyway, i am writing to say that we know what we're having!

a boy!

matt is SO SO SO SO SO excited. (so am i, but he was really wanting a boy, more than i knew!) last night he stayed up 'til 1 am (which is quite a feat considering he starts his 10-hour roofing day in madison at 6:30 am. (thank you matty!)) anyway, he woke me up at 1:00 because he had just finished a song he had written for our baby. a lullaby. it is such a sweet and precious song, it made me cry. and he was crying too when he played it. sometimes life is too beautiful.

ps. i forgot to say, during the sonogram he did somersaults! he's crazy! definitely a lot of matt in him. :-)


missy said...

so matt goodman's baby is somersaulting in the womb, is he? shocking! ;)

Brian and/or Megan said...

he really really will be a ninja!!! i'm so soo soooo excited!

Anonymous said...

Jenny- I am so happy for you and Matt!! It's so awesome having a boy.I have one myself and it's so fun! I can just imagine the fun he will have with you two. You really need to either give me your phone number or email me or something. I haven't heard from you in so long and it's great to finally be able to talk to you again. I have always loved your sense of humor. --Naomi Young (Adams)--
P.S. my email is michaelnaomi@yahoo.com if you want to email me.

Lars said...

A Boy! Awesome!
Now you have to figure out a name. Let’s see if I can help. How about ‘Thor Goodman’? That’s a good strong name. Or perhaps something like ‘Barnabas Irving Goodman’, or similar. Then his initials would be ‘B.I.G.’. Or you could go for a biblical theme with a name like ‘Jehoshaphat’, ‘Zerubbabel’, or ‘Azor’. That would be fun. Then again, you could always name him ‘Lars’. I won’t mind. ;-)
Have fun you two!

mark and monsita! said...

Congratulations to the two of you!!! I'm such a lucky grandma!!!Love you guys!!!!

alex said...


grubedoo said...

Somersaulting ... big deal. Every night our baby crawls out of the womb, backflips across the house and dropkicks our cat before putting down a 40.

ningyo said...

I want to hear the lullaby. That's so sweet! Congratulations you guys on a womb gymnast little boy ^_^ I can't wait to come back and see your belly Jenny.

Oh, and I put this looooooong response in my comments to reply to you, but I'll put it short here: I'm not going! I got turned down! heh ^_^

The Goodfellas said...

what can i say, jason? i hang my head in shame at our baby's lack of ambition. :-(

so laurie (i just wrote to you a longish list of questions but here's one more!): are you still moving to the fox valley? i hope so!

ningyo said...

We're not completely sure, probably we'll be in the Fox Valley checking stuff out for a month at least. It depends on where we find jobs in areas that have Master's programs we're interested in.