Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oh ho ho, the joke would be on me...

Matt and I had this crazy plan a while ago. After we had told people I was pregnant and a few months had gone by, we wanted to send out April Fool's Day cards saying "JUST KIDDING! I'M NOT REALLY PREGNANT, I'VE BEEN WEARING A PILLOW ON MY BELLY FOR MONTHS!" Eventually obviously we knew people would figure it out, and then it'd fizzle into one of those weird jokes where you're like, "Huh... Why did they do that?" (The answer? Not sure... Probably why we didn't.)

Anyway, this last weekend I was really glad we didn't follow through with our devillish little plan. Why? Because Megan and Betsy threw me the most lovely baby shower, and these wonderful friends of mine cancelled other plans and came from afar to celebrate (including AKIKO all the way from SEATTLE! Three cheers for Akiko!) (Go ahead and cheer!) Anyway, so I realized: geez, it is a good thing I didn't claim to be pregnant and then claim to not be pregnant and then claim to be pregnant again, as we all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf. He got eaten. I wouldn't want a similar fate to befall me.

Anyway, the point of this really is to say thank you to Megan and Betsy for all your work and for what an adorable and fun shower it was, and thank you to all my fabulous friends for coming: it was so very very very nice to see you. So very nice. :-)

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ningyo said...

oh Jenny your belly! How lovely <3