Thursday, July 05, 2007

so many firsts on the fourth! (how unseemly, i know)

*i made my first ever nectarine pie!
*matt spent the day doped up due to a bad headcold, not saying much and at intervals talking too loudly. (did anyone else notice that?) i think the fourth was the first time he took a five hour nap?
*we finally got to try the much-lauded deep fried turkey which was every bit as good as it had been proclaimed to be!
*hmm, here's a first (at least for us.)
*jon injected my dad full of some kind of brown liquid. and, look what he did to his forehead. suffice to say this had never occurred at a family gathering before.
*maybe the first time two american men celebrated the fourth by wearing panama hats?

all in all, a spectacular day!


Mr. McFall said...

Oh how I laughed when I saw these pictures! Fact is, I'm still chuckling! What a fun day...and the food...WOW!

mark and monsita! said...

That was such an enjoyable day! You Goodman's sure know how to host a party, and I mean all four of you! Thanks for a wonderful time!!!

mistergoodfella said...

it certainly was nice. and the food! spectacular.

too bad i was on drugs. well, better luck next year.

[cough cough]

Anonymous said...

ha ha!!!!!!!!! i love the captions too!!!!