Sunday, July 08, 2007

romance is in the air!

it's early july, and i think we've been to five weddings so far this summer. and what i love is that each wedding has its moment, the part that you won't forget. i think at kelli's it was when they said their vows, so very choked up, and seeing kelli's face when they were pronounced husband and wife (she just lit up!) and then at the reception of course it would have to be watching her dance to n'sync. :-) (okay and i will always think of cake when i think of kelli's wedding, since it was just to die for and through some finnagling i got to try five different flavors. one of the definite perks of having a nice round little pregnant belly - no one wants to deny you food.) :-)

so anyway, i am curious: what was your favorite part of your wedding? and your reception?


Brandee said...

Favorite part of the wedding was when the fly kept attacking Scott and I. The favorite part of the reception was after when we went swimming in Lake Superior at 2 am! Anna ended up getting poison ivy. By the way, I love living by Kelly!

The Goodfellas said...

i heard about that, swimming in the lake. you two are so funny.

i'm so jealous you are living near my sister! how long are you up there for?

Brandee said...

The middle of August, but we will most likely move here next year if we want the job.