Tuesday, August 21, 2007

all ready for his arrival!

(i think?!)

on saturday, my parents and the goodmans surprised us with the most wonderful gift! a beautiful crib for our little guy! they even set it up for us!

this is getting so so so so so so so exciting! i am very pleased too, because my little son is very strong, and has taken to playing my ribs as though they were a xylophone. a little painful, but i am so proud. :-)

and by the way, my sweet mamita took me to get a haircut! the plume has been cut off! cast to the winds! what a weekend. :-)


Brian and/or Megan said...

jenny!!!!! you hair is so cute!!!!exactly like my cut but looking nicer than mine at the moment!!!! so hongburt will be a musician, yes??

Andi Hays said...

You are so adorable! Love the haircut. When are you due?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny and Matt!!! Love the haircut Jenny and the crib is beautiful. Did Betsy tell you we're going to be sending you a Farsi language CD? We'll send it when we dig it out of storage, hopefully soon. You look great, and I'm sure Matt looks adorable too!

Jenn and Bart

Brandee said...

the crib is beautiful. what a wonderful gift from your parents. i love the hair cut too, it makes you glow!

The Goodfellas said...

oh, thank you!! :) it feels so nice to have pretty hair! my plume had been feeling more like an overgrown rat-tail!! (ehk!)

i am due in 8 weeks! october 14th! eek!!!

ps. jenn -- i can't wait to get the farsi cd! thank you! :)

The Goodfellas said...

mamita -- i like how much we look alike in that picture. :)

mistergoodfella said...

Megan, of course Hongburt will be a musician! Of course! I'll teach him guitar, and we'll learn drums together, and I'll encourage him to learn keyboard and sax as well. Of course, no pushing, no forcing. But why on earth wouldn't he want to, right? :)

I'm going to live SO vicariously through this boy.

mark and monsita! said...

You look wonderful Jenny!!! Love you, mamita