Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's like waiting for Christmas! kind of!

so, only 5 weeks left until our baby boy makes his debut into this world! i have never looked forward to cool weather before, but now the chill in the air tells me that october is drawing near which means that he will be here soon soon soon! (that's a bit of a lie -- mostly i still want it to be hot out so i can go float in the river in an innertube. me and my big belly, floating southerly.)

we gave fy a haircut (very short!) he is left with only ear fluffs and a rooster tail. as a result he gets very cold and tremulous at night, so matt sometimes bundles him into his tee-shirt. clearly he is a natural when it comes to fatherhood. :-)


mark and monsita! said...

I'm with you Jenny, it takes me a while to get ready for winter...with its snow and cold cold weather!!!Fy looks very confortable in Matt's arms, but then again he loves to be petted......he is just tooooo cute.!!

Brandee said...

Once again your posts always make me smile! I hope you had a great baby shower with Kelly. Sorry I couldn't be there.

The Goodfellas said...

it was so much fun!!! it was a wonderful wonderful shower. wish you could've come too! i can't believe we still haven't met avery! oh, and scott would've had fun with all the guys --- they went to a tractor pull! i will have to put up pictures i guess when kelly sends some to me.
ps. your posts always make me smile too! :-)