Friday, December 14, 2007


All is calm, all is bright.


Anonymous said...

Who has the biggest stocking?
Connie Van Houten

The Goodfellas said...

the big one in that picture is mine -- the other one is fyodor's! (betsy has matt's as a pattern to make lucas's.) :-)

in platteville, though, my stocking is HUGE! after i was born, they sent me home from the hospital in a giant stocking, so i always get a few extra presents in it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jenny, moms need a little extra pampering. Thank you for the pictures of Lucas. I always check your blog to see how he is doing and keep you, Matt, Lucas and Fyodor in our prayers. Wish we could see that super, cute boy!

Anonymous said...

Jenny if you go to this blog you can see pictures of Faith and Toby who happen to be my favorite dogs---and of course Walker. I need to get pictures off my camera and put his in the blog as well. He is a great grand puppy. Walker and Faith love to play while Toby watches and maintains a polite distance away. Connie

mark and monsita! said...

there is peace in the air!!! Fy looks like a proud and always by your side!!!