Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh no.

Poor don Lucas had to lie around naked for a few days due to a diaper rash. I know, I said the poor kiddo wouldn't be naked anymore on the online but he is too cute is he not?


Connie & Vern, said...

Jenny all those naked pictures will come back to you someday when Lucas sees them. I have a great one of Brian and he was hoping we had lost it. But alas his sister found it this summer.

By the way I am tagging you so go to my blog and read the rules and details to see what you do. This was fun to do and besides what else could you possibly have to do during the day right.

Connie & Vern, said...

By the way it is Connie writing this and not Vern

grubedoo said...

I gotta get me a diaper rash!