Wednesday, March 26, 2008


(but do!)
hello friends!
although most of you have probably already received an email from me regarding this, i thought i'd post something here anyway (since maybe just maybe people i don't even know check this? if so... that's kind of weird, but if you vote for my kiddo you're cool in my book. (i mean, unless you truly are creepy.)) okay, enough about that. the thing is this: i have entered my lucas in to a cute-baby contest! all you have to do is click on the link and register to vote. i suggest you make a different email address so that the one you use doesn't get flooded with junk mail. (the email address you provide does have to be one you can check, though.) also, don't give your cell phone number (the fine print gives them permission to text you.) once you've registered, it's very easy to vote -- only takes a second. you can find him in the "top 30" category -- there he is, sitting with fy on the couch. the baby with the most votes wins a pretty penny, so please do vote! this is not the picture, by the way, but it's terribly cute right?

*important footnote!: when you try to vote, it will send you to a page full of promotions. all you have to do is close the window (x out of the page entirely) and check your email. your email will have a confirmation that you are you, with a link to follow. click on the link, hit "skip" a few times on promotions, and voila!, you're almost done. all you gotta do is hit "search" and type in lucas and vote for him. the "you must choose a promotion to vote" is a ruse! a ruse!


The Goodfellas said...

by the way, did anyone think that was me in the picture instead of kelly? anyone, anyone? i think we look alike there. :-)

mark and monsita! said...

My vote is in...I wish I could vote more than once!!

missy said...

i totally knew that was kelly...
i bet matt didn't, though. i hear sometimes he confuses the two of you.
haha!! ;)

The Goodfellas said...


ps. you're in luck!!! you can vote once a day!!! (and once you go through all the promotions once you never have to again -- you bipass them the second time.) so go vote again!!! yay! :-)