Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Como se dice beso frances en arabe?

I suppose it's no big secret that I have been hoping and hoping and hoping that Matt will want to move us to Morocco. One of the crazy things about being married is apparently you have decide these things together. (Ha ha.) It'll be at least a year before we go (if we go, which it looks like we won't right now, but you never know) and so in the meantime, I figured I might as well try to learn either French or Moroccan Arabic. French is of course the easier to learn, in that it's similar to Spanish and I could find people who speak it. But Arabic!!! Oh my!!! So I found a few websites that teach you the language (not the Moroccan dialect, which apparently also has a mix of Berber, French, and German words and sounds in it) and did my first lesson today. Do you want to know what I learned?
This how you write the letter name of the short "U" which is pronounced "damma": ضَمّة
This is how it will look on its own: ُ
This is how it looks with the "S" sound, making the syllable "su": سُ
This is how you elongate it into a long "ooo" sound: و
This is what "su" with a long U sound looks: سُو
This is how you spell "suq" (long u), which means "market." سُوق
This is how you spell "markets", pronounced aswaq (long a on the second syllable): أسْواق
(One must keep in mind thatسُوق is instead written سوق, since it is normal to think as ا،ي،و as elongation letters.)
I learned I better stick with French.


The Goodfellas said...

ps. Jenn -- i hope i don't seem ungrateful for the Farsi disc set... it just seems even less likely that matt will want to go to afghanistan or iran. Good ol' axis of evil over there, you know. :) Of course, if he's set on staying, I might as well learn Farsi instead of French or Arabic just because it's so very pretty. (Now my mom is rooting for Farsi, I can hear her from here.) ;)

mark and monsita! said...

Mejor no hago ningun comentario sobre la ida a Moroco porque me puedo meter en lios!!!! Mis labios estan sellados!!!!

The Goodfellas said...
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The Goodfellas said...

pero no es posible comer nueces con el pico cerrado! piensalo bien! ya sabemos que con la mano llena de nueces no hay opcion! ;)

ven, metete en lios. o no, mejor no... ya se lo que me vas a decir y tienes razon. ;)

mark and monsita! said...

sin comentarios!!!!!

Beth P. said...

morrocco! heavens! i need to hear the details...i had no idea that you were interested in morrocco! hey--sorry we keep missing each other by phone! I'm quite the midwest traveler since I got home (now in door county with my family), but i'll call the second i get home! bp