Sunday, May 11, 2008

oh it's such a perfect day

one of the best things about being a mom is getting to set all kinds of precedents that your kid just takes for granted as the way it is. for example, when fyo does his business outside, we always say "hooRAY! hooRAY!" (a long ooooo sound, mind you, not a her-ay sound) in hopes that someday lucas will cheer for fyo instead of just saying "good boy." obviously there are more important precedents to be set, but these little ones are terribly fun. anyway, today i say hooRAY! because i got to spend mother's day with my mom and soon with my mother-in-law and a very wonderful first for me: with my son. i did not drink sangria in the park and am not just hanging on but other than those small bits i think lou reed and pavarotti really tell it like it is.


kel said...

such a cute family photo!!!! lucas (once again!) looks stunned!!!! i love it!!!! and what a dashing tatoo!!!! ;)

mark and monsita! said...

It was such a nice mother's day! Thanks Jenny for all the fun and Kelly thank you for that sweet phone call! I love you so. mamita