Saturday, May 17, 2008

Allowed in.

Matt and I have been praying for the areas affected by the recent natural disasters (China and Myanmar), that God would use this heartwrenching tragedy for good. We couldn't even conceive of how He could do that, but today we read this news: The government of Myanmar has allowed the Believers Church (a blanket term for the church throughout India and neighboring countries) to come in and provide aid. The part that touched me the most was this:
"Could you please allow us to pick up the pitiful children who have lost their parents in the cyclone," he pleaded. "They have no families and are completely alone." Yohannan said permission had been granted and that the children will be cared for.
I am so very glad that the church is being allowed in to care for people and show Christ's love. (If you follow the link there are ways to donate to GFA, the organization that plants Believers Churches in the 10/40 window. You can also donate to World Vision, which is another Christian organization working in the area.) At the same time, I am continuing to pray that God would allow US churches to directly make in impact in these regions. The world considers the US to be a "Christian nation," and so they watch very carefully what we do. I hope that we are given the opportunity to be His hands and feet.


missy said...

praise god!!!
thanks for this update!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

We have good friends who work with World Vision International and they told us on Saturday that they are still not allowed in Myanmar. However, they have been allowed to fly over and drop clean water packets to people who are in desperate need. Keep praying that they'll be allowed in, they're ready, willing and anxious to go!

Jenn and Bart

The Goodfellas said...

oh, i'm glad you've corrected me on that. i will definitely pray about that! will you let me know if/when it changes?

mark and monsita! said...

God works in mysterious ways!! We'll keep praying!!