Monday, June 09, 2008


Lucas has these rants where he pounds his belly like a gorilla and gestures wildly like a tiny dictator delivering a monologue.
When he pauses, Matt translates for him -- it turns out he's upset very upset about the plight of the Chechens.


Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't be upset about the Chechens. Lucas' Uncle Bart recently presented a paper about the Cossacks and Chechens at a political science conference. Perhaps Lucas would like to read it?

By the way, in regard to an earlier post, we're not upset that you haven't learned Farsi. And if by chance you do want to learn some Arabic, we of course have an Arabic language course around just gathering dust. I'm not even joking!

If you'd like it, I can bring it up to Sacramento this summer. Alex and Cassie want to meet their cute little cousin Lucas and Bart and I are looking forward to it too. Especially if we can discuss Chechens with him.


The Goodfellas said...

what is it that your husband does that he writes papers about the cossacks and the chechens and has all these language-learning programs?? i can only assume it is something mysterious and exciting, and that any answer you may give is a cover-up for something else. ;)

i would love love love to wipe the dust off your arabic language set. oh my.

too bad that we live so far away! i think we would have much fun together. :)

ps. lucas is excited to meet his cousins!

The Goodfellas said...

ps. does anyone else think it's cute that he sticks his tongue up when he smiles? i tried that just now as i smiled, and in my opinion it makes a smile even smilier. kind of how fake-yawning makes you yawn - it kind of made me want to laugh! (try it, try it!)

Anonymous said...

I could tell you what he does, but then I would have to kill you. Just kidding!

Actually, he's a labor negotiator for an electrical contracting association. But on Saturday he will be graduating with his Masters in National Security Studies, hence bizarre language learning courses and papers on Chechens (he's also got some killer info on Turkmenistan in you're interested).

Who knows where the future will lead? I'll set aside the Arabic course for you and yes, the tongue thing does make his smile even cuter, and it was pretty darn cute to begin with.

The Goodfellas said...

congratulations to bart!! this saturday huh? that must be very exciting. :)

ps. i would love to hear about turkmenistan!!!