Monday, July 21, 2008

We have conquered the mighty Little Platte!

I had all sorts of clever captions written up but I think I will skip around a bit and just say you may notice my dad looks very happy in the second picture, towing us upriver when the current got too strong (in that picture he had just pulled us past the fast part.) The last time he had pulled a boat upstream was in the Amazon! (Or was it the Guayas?) Either way, i felt like a queen of the Nile. (Matt used to call me a queen of the Nile when he would pull our kayak back to shore coming in from the ocean and I would repose on it.) The next one is my mom looking cuter than cute and Lucas in a cowboy hat. I suppose I should mention at this point that contrary to what the pictures suggest, Matt and my dad did row us pretty much the whole way. Next is the snapping turtle that Matt caught! He named it Leon and kept it safe from Fyo's pointy little teeth. (We also saw a duck and a bat! And the bat squeaked at us!) And then finally, there is Matt hitching the boat up in the part of the river I learned to swim in when I was a kid. Normally we always stuck around under the bridge. Ha! No longer!


mark and monsita! said...

This was one of the funnest days ever!! We must have to do it again!!

L said...

Oh what fun that looks like! I love the third picture down.

Anonymous said...

When I get a little tired from too much work I look at these pictures again. Take time to row...that's what my goal is!
Saleh sin Barba