Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lucas got to meet his new friend Sebastien!

In preparation for this special visit, Lucas spent the morning trying out different ways to comb his hair. He settled on a side-part with a swirl (not quite enough hair for an Elvis-like pompadour, he decided, to his chagrin.) When Sebastien arrived, he gave him an inspection. He determined that Sebastien is indeed a baby.


Anonymous said...

Lucas is such a BIG boy!!! So glad you guys got to get together with your friends! BG

mark and monsita! said...

What a handsome young boy...I think he very much approved of little Sebastian!! Is his name with an a or and e towards the end?

L said...

Ryan decided to spell it with an e at the end, he really likes it that way I guess.

It was worth the work Lucas, you certainly were very handsome that day. Sebastien is doing better by the way, he ate and worked out all the problems from Saturday :)