Monday, July 14, 2008

matt wrote a song called

"it's so much better this way" which i wish i could link up here because it would be the most perfect caption for this picture. we have our felafel back, and we are all so pleased*. (thank you so much mom and dad for driving all the way up just to bring him home to us!!!)

although i can't link up his song, here's a classic from someone who knows what it is to miss someone.

*did you notice that fy and lucas are making the same face? oh my!


mark and monsita! said...

How good to see Fyo "on top of the world" back home again!!! Lucas is cuter than ever!!!!!!!!!!!love you, mamita

The Goodfellas said...

ps. kelly -- puse la foto ahi para que vieras el baul que me compre, verdad que es enorme??

Anonymous said...

si, que chevere!!!!! y estoy super sorprendida que fy se pudo subir- tan gordito que se puso!!!!!!!!!!

The Goodfellas said...

no, no se subio, y se quedo ahi solamente porque le ofreci unas papitas fritas :)