Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mister Rumplenose!

"Now's not the time!" is our favorite quote from Lost. Remember that, when Sawyer was mourning Kate's death and Vincent kept leaping at him, trying to get him to play? (Or maybe that was just in the episode we made.) Similarly, this is perhaps untimely, in that it would make much more sense to put up pictures of our wonderful family and friends* who helped us move this weekend. But I saw these pictures I hadn't seen before, of the new face Tiny makes. So there you go! Very cute, very cute, my little rumplenose.
*Actually just one friend! Thank you Beth! You are the bestth!


Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday and we will miss Mr. Rumplenose and mommy!!! J&B

Brian and/or Megan said...

what a cute little nose!

The Goodfellas said...

ohhhh, a sad tuesday indeed :(
don't even tell me what you're having for supper!!!!