Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We'll remember it for you, kiddo.

One time while at the dentist's office, I somewhat casually (as casually as one can be in a dentist's office) browsed through a copy of Seventeen, and read a quote where Drew Barrymore said that she remembers someone holding her wrong when she was a baby. It was one of those quotes at the back of the magazine where it shows a picture of the person and their quote in big pink letters, or whatever color corresponds with the person's dress. I kind of wish I had read the quote instead in Newsweek or somewhere that might have elaborated on whether or not that's possible -- for a baby to remember something. I'm leaning towards no, mainly because I my first memory is around age two, and I'm not even sure if I remember that (sliding around in the mud) or if the picture kind of stuck in my head (I have been known to steal some of Kelly's memories by accident.)

I was considering all this during our pontoon ride down the Wolf River because it would be so nice if Lucas could remember it. A beautiful day on the river with his mommy and his daddy and all his grandparents, and only getting doused by a wave once. I hope he remembers grandma Betsy singing "Ching-Chong" to him as we headed upstream, and I hope he remembers wearing matching Panama hats with grandpa and helping steer the boat. Of course, I'm sure he won't. Memory is a fickle thing -- I remember a celebrity quote circa '94 but not most things I try to lock away!


christine said...

sorry, but first memories usually date back to age 4, maybe 3 (something to do with language development, you have to have some words to form that kind of memory). anything younger is suspect- like sometimes your mom tells you about something that happened when you were a baby and you kind of make up a memory to go along with it. however i do think the experiences you have as a baby shape your relationships and temperament in ways you might not explicitly understand.

The Goodfellas said...

i think so too!a tree that falls in the forest that no one hears still makes a sound, right?:)ps. so cool that a bonafide psychologist replied to my query! (or are you a psychiatrist?)

grubekl said...

So...if knowing words has something to do with storing memories, does that mean the earlier a person talks, the sooner he/she can remember? In that case, I've got to have some memories from waaaay back stored in this noggin of mine. If only I'd come upon the key to opening them up.