Friday, August 22, 2008

the adventures of a jolie mecanicien*

you will never guess what matt found in a car this morning! let me preface this by saying he has found some strange things in cars in the past, most notably viagra and marijuana (fortunately not in the same car - sounds like an unseemly combination if you ask me.) this surpasses both of those. it even surpasses the 3-foot frozen iguana.

he found... (drumroll)... a live person!

a college-aged girl, who apparently was recovering from quite the bender. her only explanation was that she had fallen asleep, so matt said, "okay, well, you better get going now." so she pulled herself together and headed up the highway on foot. not the strangest person to have ever graced the shop, but definitely the strangest find.

*jolie mecanicien = happy mechanic! one of my french phrases!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hold Lucas again, and hug you and Matt too, of course! See you tonight!!! BG

kel said...


The Goodfellas said...

miss! it's true!

Brandee said...

this girl was at the car lot, in a car?!!!!

Anonymous said...

in her own car or just a car????

The Goodfellas said...

in a van that was for sale on the lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Although, I have a friend whose parents once found an escapee from the county mental ward in their car, and it wasn't even for sale. It was just parked in front of their house.

By the way, Alex had a friend sleep over and they were playing "swimming" in the living room. The friend 'jumped in' and shouted "This water is wet!" Alex paused for a just a beat and then said, "Alyssa, all water is wet."

Very, very true.


laurie said...

I always wish I could see things like this happen to have such an odd encounter with another human...not that I wish there would be more drunken girls putting themselves into dangerous situations.

Although I'm not jealous of Matt for having to deal with it first thing in the morning.

The Goodfellas said...

ooh, that would be quite a shock!!!

ps. thanks for the alex story -- he is such a clever kid! :)