Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tiny has taken to bringing us books to read him (including that giant one pictured above!), hoisting them up above his head to us and saying "pup pup pup." So we scoop him and read to him. (My grandma Lola, who can't see, makes up stories like "Oh my! Look at the dinosaur! The dinosaur eats naughty little boys! But not you, my golden boy!") I think there is maybe nothing so sweet and lovely as a sleepy little boy.


Christy and Randy said...

Can I please read him a Christmas book?! I have some favorites I could read to him!

Aunt B said...

Very sweet... Lucas is receiving a precious gift! It's something that kids never out-grow their love for, I think. I know that even my big kids STILL love it when I read to them. We are going to make time for it when we are all home together at Christmas... sweet indeed... :)

The Goodfellas said...

oh yes! bring them christy!!! :)

so aunt b, what are you going to read at Christmastime?