Friday, November 28, 2008


I thought I'd have to wait at least a few years before I felt like I really knew knew my son. I had no idea that a little one year old could be so ridiculously funny, that he could make me laugh a real laugh. And he knows when he's being funny too, and is intentional, and that's one of the best things about it. He is more and more his own person, which is a marvel to me.

I'm thankful for my Lentil! I guess most of my pregnancy thoughts so far have been rather vain (my hair is so shiney and pretty! I get to wear Mary Perez's shirt that I forgot to wear last time! etc.) but I suspect that once I have a belly I will think more appropriate motherly thoughts. Still. I am grateful to have shiney hair for seven more months, and I won't take it back!

I am grateful for my Matthew, who works so hard and is so fun (I mean fun!), who plans fun things like roasting marshmallows in our woodstove when Lucas has gone to bed, who is sneaking towards me right now which means I should probably go.

I am so thankful to the Lord who has given me all good things in life. And I am thankful for so much more, but like I said, now he is here and is wanting to go home and celebrate Fridayness so now I am finished.*

*A terrible lie! I have like six minutes more! I am thankful for my mamita, who takes care of Boo in the mornings when I am nauseous. I'm thankful for my papi, who gave Matt a really great job and always finds interesting things to say about my cooking. I'm thankful for my abuelita, who will do just about anything I ask, even posing by Santa for a picture when she didn't want to. I'm thankful for my in-laws, for Jon who loves to steal my Newsweeks** and who clearly gave Matt maybe 7/10's of his personality, and for Betsy who is always encouraging and has the most sneaky and subtle sense of humor. I'm thankful for Kelly and Megan, who arranged me a marriage and are the best sisters in the world. I'm thankful for Fyo and Jack and Lorraine and so much more but this time I really am cutting myself off.***

**You know that's a good person right there!

***Except to say that I am thankful. And I love footnotes. I'm grateful for them too.


Anonymous said...

Jenny I think you could never say Lucas in cute too many times. He just is.

Also, I know someone named Mattias. Ma is pronounced like the mu in mud (with no d sound) and then the t just like the name of the letter T. And then ias is us.
Connie VH

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for our lovely Jenny who is still blogging and giving us fresh insights to life in Platteville & glimpses of those we love! We miss you! BG

Ginger said...

I love to read your posts - this one is particularly sweet! :)

grubekl said...

Mattias?? I know many a German with that name. If you are considering good German baby names, Uwe is fun (pronounced Ooo-vuh) as is Juergen (yur-ghen), Klaus, Werner (verner) and Andreas (Andre-us). I have a whole slew of 'em up my sleeve (Joachim, anyone??), so just ask if you need more suggestions :)

The Goodfellas said...

i didn't know mattias was german too! i think it's also italian and portuguese and latino in general maybe... hmm!
will your kids bear hearty german names?

Aunt B said...

Sweet!! :) I love this picture of you and Lucas, Jenny! :)