Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is a cheerier picture

in honor of my Lentil.

But now, back to Lucas! We discovered a new favorite food of his last night: lychees! We went to a Hmong banquet, and he went wild over them. Also couldn't get enough sesame buns, spring rolls, papaya salad, spicey pork with rice noodles, and pink layered rice cake. And for lunch, he had rice, sardines, and spinach! Para el no hay pan malo.

I am curious if the Lentil will have the same wide range of tastes as Lucas. Is it nature or is it nurture? We shall see!


The Goodfellas said...

ps. Let's keep the "cute belly!" comments down -- pretty sure that's Hmong banquet and nothing else. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bet it is a bit of both. Nature and nurture. Brian and Christy were so different in their likes and dislikes of food at that age. Christy loved spicy food and Brian would hardly eat anything with texture. Spicy food was not the norm in our house so I think it was nature. Connie VH

kel said...

cute pic!!!! it'll be fun to see your belly again!!! by the way, matt sure looks skinny!!

Anonymous said...

OK Jenny here you go:
Way up high in the apple tree.
God made apples for you and me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could.
Down came the apples
MMMMMMMMMM They were good.

Hand motions:
A. look up in the tree like you have binoculars with your hands around you eyes
B. God Point up Then point to lucas and then you
C. Grab that pretend tree and shake it
D. Pretend to eat your apples
Have fun.

The Goodfellas said...

he is my skinnyminny!

ps. cute song connie!

Kelli said...

Lucas has an impressive pallet for such a young age. It will be very interesting to see what baby #2 will like.

My mom always said that I would eat anything and Kari and Keith were a little more picky. Still true today.