Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did you say do pull down the tree or don't pull down the tree?

Mr. Travieso understands me! I know I should be getting used to this by now, but I still think it's amazing! (You see? Two exclamatory sentences in a row!) Last night he learned the word nariz, but I thought maybe it was a fluke. So today I was across the room playing with his blocks, and I said "Lucas, toca mi nariz" and he came all the way over to me and touched my nose (with his little pointer finger, very cute.) He also knows boca, which I don't say as often because I don't especially like wet fingers in my mouth. My favorite thing of all, though, is suave. I taught him to touch my face gently (because he thought it was fun to pound me with a block), and now whenever I say "suave, suave" he comes up to me and cradles my face in his hands and gives me the sweetest little kisses. I think I said that was my favorite? Oh no! My favorite is I ask him "Quien soy yo?" (Who am I?) and he answers "mama" in the sweetest little high-pitched but husky voice*. It just melts me. He also knows saca la lengua, guarda tus juguetes, bajate, vaya donde la mama (my grandma speaks to him in the usted and I in the tu), caramelo, guacala, botalo, te caes, cuidado, caliente, ven aca, traeme el libro, leche, agua, oveja, dame un besito, acuestate, parate, comelo, toma, llevaselo, daselo, nieve, and of course no (which he pretends he doesn't know.) He is not only smart but clever, you see?

*Speaking of which, would you like to hear him talk? He delivered quite a speech just yesterday. I think he was expressing his views on Blagojevich's recent conduct. (And in case you want to hear just a bit more, here you go! What merited such shrill discourse? Your guess is as good as mine!)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Things you can do with four teeth...

...(even if two of them are the size of a grain of rice sliced in two):
You can eat a turkey leg!
You can bite peoples' toes!
You can say new words! (I don't think technically the front teeth are used to say "agua" but it cannot possibly be coincidental.)
You can eat candy corn in half the time it normally takes!
You can take four steps all on your own! (Lucas told me without the teeth he just felt like such a baby, and thusly it seemed fitting for him to crawl.)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Introducing Jack...

...the longest cat in the world! The daschund of cats! Mr. O'Lantern himself, whose paws reach from one end of Matt's shoulders to the other!
Or is that Jack on the right, and sweet Lorraine on the left? Now I can't remember.

O Tannenbaum!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New family pictures!

Turns out I'm closer to ten weeks along! Which means two and a half months! Which means almost done with the first trimester! They measured the Lentil, and he (she?) is already 3 1/2 centimeters long, from head to tush. It's a good thing they don't measure legs, because sweet little baby was kicking and flipping and doing all kinds of cute things. I'm pretty sure I saw him (her?) sign "I love you." Yes, I'm almost certain.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Baby in a box!

Creepy or cute? Who can say! At a glance, one was supposed to look at this and say "A baby in a radiator box! Ha!" but instead it kind of looks like a precursor to a magic trick. The kind where someone appears to be separated in two (to say it delicately). Cute yet kind of unsettling, like this!
Well, all I can say is he liked it in there. Grandpa Tall slid him all around the floor shortly thereafter, and then they shared a half of a candy corn. Grandpa Tall always has the best ideas.