Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A frown that could light up a room!

This is Lucas's sweet little satisfied pout, when all is right with the world; when all that is left to do after a long day of mischief is to be cuddled.
PS. Look how well
my Flaco walks! Such exertion would tire out even the strongest of men.


Anonymous said...

what a cute picture and video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has improved so much already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tia kelly and tio nando

missy said...

awwwww......he's totally doing it now!!!!!!! que precioso!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think with a nice warm fleece he could walk up to Appleton this weekend? We are stuck here with "responsibilities."

G&G Goodmanski

Anonymous said...

Wow, this actually looks like a picture of brother Mark holding little Jenny. :)


The Goodfellas said...

really ginger?? i always like hearing things like that 'cause it means i was cute. ;)

ps. goodmanskis -- lucas said he would like to come visit, but unfortunately given the size of his footsteps, he wouldn't be there until the spring, and then his warm fleece might feel too hot, so he worries that maybe the plan wouldn't work out after all...

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Matt can think of at least 50 way by which Flaco could get up here.

Abuelo Bajo