Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She's a girl!

and here we are (the three of us) dancing to celebrate!
lucas keeps saying "bebe, bebe!" when he sees the things that we buy for little Lentil. if i didn't know any better, i would say he understands. maybe i don't know better. :)
(this doesn't have to do with my girl, but i thought i'd mention that lucas loves the kumbia kings, and has recently taken to "a-aah a-aah"ing like quintanilla himself. for those of you not acquainted with the band, it's a bird-like squawk done in syncopation with the beat. there are so many important things this big brother will teach his sister!)


missy said...


Anonymous said...

I'm tickled pink!
Grandpa Tall

The Goodfellas said...

me too!

mark and monsita! said...

Lucas will be a great big brother!!!! I knooow!!!! Jenny, I have a few surprises for our little you and miss you

Brandee said...

Yay! Girls are so much fun. I know I'm really enjoying our newest addition.